Pricing details

Inventory Types Sizes (sq.ft.) Price ₹
Meena Bazar Shops 250 (sq. ft)
₹15.6 Lakhs* Onwards
Business Suite 264 (Sq. ft *)
₹18 Lakhs* Onwards

Misgun Janpath Price List

Misgun Janpath gives an unmatched exuberance to the style of living. The facilities offered here are top-class and designed to take the contemporary lifestyle to heights. Lucknow offers smooth connectivity to get the best experience in many aspects of life. The area offers a chain of highly customized relaxing areas like restaurants, hotels, retail, and entertainment. It also offers the best commercial development by fulfilling the dynamic needs of people. The place is connected inside the city to outside the city and has a great connectivity of roads.

Investing in luxury homes is one of the most lucrative investments of contemporary times. There are many aspects and pre-requirement for a good return and the price plan is one of the most important factors. Any project with the most flexible price plan shapes the prospect of the highest return. The project Migsun Janpath in Lucknow represents the best investment option for its business suite with its meticulously listed price plan. With the projection of a high appreciation in cost, the metrics of growth are boundless.

The investment growth in its price metrics is firmly supported by the growing Lucknow city. The city is concentrating on more and more new projects with affordable and attractive price plans. Among this wide range of choices, the project Migsun Janpath comes with the best inventory unit and price plan. The development offers meena Bazar Shops, Doctor’s Chambers, business suites and food court shops. Meena bazar is a floor dedicated to women’s fashion. The retail shops in this section start at 15.6 Lakhs onwards. Elegant doctors’ chambers start at 16.24 Lakhs and are well-equipped with the latest medical facilities. The ultra-luxury inventory unit of the Business Suite comes at a floor plan of 264 (sq. ft *) and it has an affordable and attractive price of ₹18 Lakhs* Onwards. The F&B region will have different types of shops which are prices at 9500 per sq. ft. Lucknow city is a trademark to some of the finest social infrastructures and hence a project with such pricing comes as a blessing. Truly the region is the future and hotbed for all investments in residential and commercial units. All price listing by the developer Migsun group offers many tax benefits and great returns

The cost sheet of the Migsun Janpath project includes a range of benefits and details. The property value price, agreement value, expense on stamp duty and registration, government taxes, and other charges are listed in detail to provide transparency in all dealing. For more information and details required check and read the price lists and cost sheets drafted by the developers to cater to the needs and requirements of all the buyers. For convenience the payment plan is Road Facing PLC comes at ₹1500 per Sq ft, Atrium Facing at ₹1000 per Sq ft, and Corner Facing at ₹1500 per Sq ft.

Avail of the best and extra benefits by pre-booking the offered unit and bringing home a special price plan. The payment plan when purchasing the inventory is 40:30:30 of the total price. Upon booking 10% of BSP plus other charges are applicable. After the completion of 30 days from the booking date, 30% of BSP has to be paid plus other charges. Next on the stage of the commencement of the superstructure another 30% of BSP has to be paid; this also comes with other charges applicable.